PROMISING dance DJ Al English is “the daddy” — after he released a new record and became a father in the space of two days.

Mr English’s girlfriend gave birth to their daughter Alice Elizabeth on August 19, the day after he released his single Need to Know on iTunes.

The single has received support from some of the biggest names in dance music, including BBC Radio 1 DJ Shadow Child and the German DJ and music producer Loco Dice.

The new father has also been given his own radio slot on Bolton FM where he will play dance music every Friday night.

Mr English, aged 27, of Amblethorn Drive, Sharples, said: “When Alice was handed to us, it was the happiest moment of my life — I just burst into tears.

“Becoming a dad has been a complete eye-opener. It’s a new motivation for me — I know I have to make money and put food on the table for Alice.

“In the past, I’ve become engrossed in my own world of music and it’s been quite difficult to strike a balance between family and music, so I have had to find the balance and that’s even more true now.

"I’m hoping the new single will get me a greater following. I’m not bothered about the money, I want greater exposure and hopefully this single will achieve that.”

Mr English is the studio manager at Raise The Youth, a social enterprise in Great Lever which helps children and young people who are primarily from disadvantaged backgrounds.

He has been a musician since he was at high school and is also part of a vocal house duo called Mojofluxx with friend Alex Gillott.

His girlfriend, Jenny Robinson, aged 29, who has another daughter, six-year-old Ava-May, said: “Alex always works so hard and I’m so proud of him. We’re both over the moon. Alice is just perfect.”

Mr English’s new single Need to Know is available on iTunes and on his Soundcloud page at