A VAN driver ignored a road blockage following a crash in Little Hulton, mounted a kerb and almost ran over some firemen.

Cleggs Lane was blocked after three cars were involved in a collision after one male driver had a fit at the wheel and lost control of his vehicle.

Nobody was seriously hurt and the ill man was taken to hospital although his condition is not thought to be serious.

The accident involving a Skoda, Dacia Sandero and an LDV van occured at about 2.40pm on August 28.

Cleggs Lane was temporarily shut, with traffic diverted down Amblecote Road East, until about 3.40pm.

A police spokesman said: “The driver of the car which caused the accident had some sort of fit or episode at the wheel, although nobody was seriously injured.”

A crew from Farnworth were called to the scene of the crash at 2.33pm, a spokesman for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) confirmed.

He added: “When the road block was in place a white van ignored the signs and ploughed straight through.

“It ended up mounting the kerb and almost hitting some fire officers.

“Realising the mistake, the person just reversed and drove away.

“We managed to get the vehicle registration so the person will be getting a knock on the door at some point.”