A COUPLE have declared victory over developers who wanted to turn the former Green Bengal restaurant into a supermarket.

CW Construction appealed to the government to overturn a decision by Bolton Council’s planning committee.

The council turned down the proposals to build a Sainsbury’s, two shops and a car park at the site in Darwen Road, Bromley Cross.

But the Planning Inspector-ate has dismissed CW Construction’s appeal, arguing the new complex would have dominated Eddie and Evelyn Kilner’s house in Lords Stile Lane.

Mr Kilner, aged 75, said he was very pleased with the result. He added: “The developers wouldn’t shift the building. They just wanted to block all our light out.

“I’ve lived in this house for 51 years. When I asked the builder to change the plans, he said he wouldn’t change his plans for anybody.

“The sun is still high in the sky, but when winter comes it goes much lower. We would be in darkness all day.”

The Green Bengal, formerly the Volunteer Inn, has already been knocked down after a separate demolition order was approved.

Bromley Cross councillors had also objected to the scheme, arguing there was not enough car parking provision, which could lead to more vehicles being left on residential roads and putting pedestrians at risk.

In her report, planning inspector Victoria Lucas-Gosnold said she believed there was enough spaces in the car park — but upheld the complaint by Mr Kilner.

She added: “The proposal would result in a large building in very close proximity to number nine that would extend along almost the entire length of the side boundary of that dwelling.

“It would dominate the outlook when viewed from the ground floor bedroom, office and rear garden and would harmfully detract from the light and open aspect which those areas currently benefit from.

“For the same reasons, the proposal would also result in a loss of daylight to those rooms when using those areas for activities such as sitting in or relaxing.”

Cllr Norman Critchley, Bromley Cross councillor and a planning committee member, welcomed the decision.

He said: “Justice has been done. The impact on Mr and Mrs Kilner would have been unacceptable.

“I do disagree with what the inspector said with regards to parking, but she has made a ruling and that’s it.

“The three councillors in Bromley Cross did suggest some stone cottages along Darwen Road and also to retain the building to put some additional shop units and make a boutique-type offer, but that option has now gone because the building is not there.

“If the owner of the site wants to put a supermarket on there then that’s their choice, but they will have to keep in mind the surrounding environment and the kind of restrictions the inspector has laid down.”

Before it was an Indian restaurant, the site was a landmark pub.