YOUNGSTERS have been putting their stamp on a Farnworth estate by caring for the environment.

About 20 children took part in litter picking, planting raised flower beds, creating hanging baskets and painting bird boxes to brighten up the estate of Campbell Street, Farnworth, where they live.

The work was carried out at and around a new community garden funded by police as part of the force’s 40th anniversary celebrations.

Bolton at Home, which owns the majority of homes on the estate, targeted the area earlier this year with police to rid it of crime and anti-social behaviour.

The garden was given to residents as a “thank you” for their patience and help during the work.

Earlier this month, children and residents on the estate spent an afternoon sprucing up the new garden and have taken ownership of the site.

Mojo Trust created the garden near to Cawdor Walk in an area previously used as a walkway that was often covered in litter.

Chris Wood, from Bolton at Home’s south neighbourhood management team, said: “We wanted to bring people together, raise community spirit and improve the area so we’ve been delighted by the response from residents to getting involved in creating and maintaining the site.

“We were also keen to involve children and local primary schools are on board to help with the upkeep.

“We plan to hold more events like this one to continue to develop the neighbourhood and engage the overall community in what we do.”

Terri Mayoh, aged 28, who lives on Cawdor Walk, added: “I helped to supervise the kids with the planting. The garden brightens the area. The estate is a lot quieter now.”

Bolton at Home staff have been working with St Vincent’s Housing Association and The Octagon Theatre to encourage residents to visit the theatre and to get involved in drama — something the majority of those involved have not experienced before.