FLORENCE Wadsworth may have just turned 101 — but she is not letting her age get in the way of enjoying life to the full.

The former tailoress, who toasted her birthday with a glass of sherry, meets up with friends at the social club twice a week and is even planning a cruise.

The grandmother puts her longevity down to staying active and her love of dancing.

She said: “I feel no different to how I felt last year — time just slips by and you don’t even notice.

“I’ve had an absolutely wonderful birthday — it’s been lovely.

“I think I’ve lived so long because I’ve always been in good health — I used to love dancing. I never like being in the house.

"I enjoy having company and being around people and I love going on holiday. I want to go on a cruise soon.”

Mrs Wadsworth turned 101 on September 1.

She celebrated the milestone with a meal in Darwen and a day out at her local social club in Meadowside Avenue, Tonge Fold. Last year, Mrs Wadsworth received more than 100 cards for her 100th birthday, including one from the Queen.

Mrs Wadsworth moved to Bolton from Walsall in 1934 after marrying Boltonian Frank Wadsworth.

She opened a baby linen shop during the 1950s, which is now her home, in Tonge Fold.

They had one son and two grandchildren.

Her husband died in 1985.

Mrs Wadsworth visits the social club in Meadowside Avenue twice a week and went on a cruise around the Mediterranean with her family in April this year.

Her son Roy Wadsworth, of Loen Crescent, Smithills, said: “It’s been an excellent birthday — it’s quite incredible for anybody to live to 101.

“I think the main reason my mother’s lived so long is because she is so active and gets out at every opportunity.”