BOLTON’S record-breaking quads were all smiles for their first day at school.

Yesterday marked another milestone in the remarkable lives of sisters Bethany, Millie, Lucy and Ellie, who turned four in January.

The first three started in reception at Kearsley West Primary School, while Ellie started at Green Fold Special School in Farnworth.

Gillian Holden and Marc Hanley defied odds of 750,000 to one when they naturally conceived and they are the first family in Bolton to have quads in 50 years.

The quads were born prematurely by caesarean section and spent in months in hospital before being allowed home.

Millie and Bethany — who are identical — and Lucy will spend half-a-day in school for two weeks along with the rest of their class before going full time.

Miss Holden, who lives with Mr Hanley, her eldest daughter Abigail, aged 13, and the quads in Kearsley, said: “They were quite hyper and enjoyed it.

"I was fine when I said goodbye in the morning, although it may be different when they are at school full time.”

The trio at Kearsley West are all in the same class, and yesterday enjoyed catching up with old friends and making new friends.