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Royal visit 2015: Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, to visit Bolton School and University Technical College at the University of Bolton

Last updated:

    Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, will officially unveil the new £10 million University Technical College
  • He will also visit Bolton School to unveil a plaque to commemorate the school's centenary
  • During his visit to the region, Prince Edward will also attend the award ceremony for the Bruntwood Prize for playwriting at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester


[deleted] 12:14pm Tue 17 Nov 15
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[deleted] 12:36pm Tue 17 Nov 15
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[deleted] 1:08pm Tue 17 Nov 15
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Screw you lefties 2:20pm Tue 17 Nov 15
Bolton School, nothing Boltonian about it!
Score: 3
It's a pity he was not brought up daubhill to visit sunninghill or brandwood st schools or the one on bobby heywoods park, i mean fair enough he would have needed a translator and can you imagine all the cars going at 60 miles an hour overtaking him on daubhill...lol

Last edited: 8:20pm Tue 17 Nov 15

Score: 2
Normski7 5:41pm Tue 17 Nov 15
A robot singing the National Anthem, how disrespectful. Who's bright idea was that. Prince Edward looked uncomfortable and totally 'Not Amused'

Last edited: 9:25pm Tue 17 Nov 15

Score: 2
albertmodley Replying Normski7 8:22pm Tue 17 Nov 15
Still b etter than the working class pig and head of the socialist welfare party, stop the war coalition supporter,Corbyn, pretending to mouth the National Anthem for the benefit of TV cameras
Score: 0
CaptGold 9:25pm Tue 17 Nov 15
Stoller Building? Stroller Building? Which is it please? Or is spelling not a strong point in schools any more. And why has the building been named that? Anyone care? Saw the deleted comments earlier, for once they weren't racist! Interesting accusations, not sure which dignitaries they were aimed at.
Score: 0
Digmore37 10:34pm Tue 17 Nov 15
Just spotted the Controller in the photo at 2.43pm. His attendance must have put a dampener on the occasion.
Score: 0

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