BOLTON’S Poundbakery has introduced a range of new items aimed at people watching their waistbands, as well as their wallets before holiday season.

The Sidney Street-based bakers’ balanced choice range comprises 10 sandwiches, pittas and thins that all have less than 299 calories and cost £1 each.

Wraps, pitta pockets and sandwich thins are all included in the range, as well as a new improved salad bowl for those participating in a ‘no carbs before marbs’ challenge – a saying popularised by TV’s The Only Way is Essex and referring to a method of cutting down on carbohydrates to lose weight before a beach holiday to the likes of Marbella.

The range includes chicken tikka pitta pocket, tandoori chicken pitta pocket, peri peri chicken pitta pocket, Philadelphia thin, ham salad thin, chicken salad thin, new and improved salad bowl, tuna mayo wrap and a tuna mayo sandwich.

As well as the balanced choice range, there is a new range of multigrain meaty subs to sample for £1 each.

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