FIREFIGHTERS were called to a series of nuisance fires yesterday evening.

Crews at Bolton Central Fire Station were mobilised to a number of rubbish fires started by youths between 7pm and 10pm.

Crew Manager Carl Gleaves said: “The fires had been started in and around recreation grounds or back alley ways.

“We were called to different areas, including the Willows area and the Deane area, Chorley Old Road.

“We have had a problem in the Bankfield Street and Daisy Street area, around the wasteland and the recreation ground.”

Youths are either setting alight wheelie bins or piling rubbish to burn which ties up resources.

Mr Gleaves said: “This means that a fire engine is not available to attend another incident.

“These fires have been deliberated started.”

He added: “We would ask people to ensure their bins are securely stored away and to be vigilant and report youths or if they see rubbish being piled up.”