FLOOD survivors have been left heartbroken after a cat that became their community mascot went missing.

Residents of Parkside Close – one of the streets worst affected by 2015’s Boxing Day disaster – discovered a kitten this summer when they were moving back into their homes and named him Flud.

Joyce Walkden decided to take Flud in when he was just a few weeks old, but disaster struck last weekend when he disappeared from her daughter’s home, in Halls Close at the Hardy’s Gate development.

She said: “He means a lot to us all.

“I have been away twice before and took him to the cattery, but I was only gone for one night this time so my daughter took him.

“On Saturday, he shot between her legs and escaped while she was putting the rubbish out.

“They spent the entire evening looking for him and putting up posters. They were looking all of Sunday morning as well before they phoned me and then I came straight home.

“My four grandchildren were at my house on Tuesday morning and my granddaughter Tabitha was writing her Christmas list. The first thing she asked for was for Flud to come home.”

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Flud went missing at 4.30pm on Saturday and is described as white, with black, brown, and grey patches. He is five months old and is microchipped.

Joyce added: “So many hours have already been spent looking for him. There is still building work going on around the Hardy’s Gate development so we have been handing posters to the builders in case they see him anywhere.

“It has been a few days now, so I’m not sure there is much point looking on that estate anymore, he could have gone anywhere by now.

“We have shared the appeal all over social media, so hundreds of people in Radcliffe will be aware that he is missing.

“Everyone is absolutely heartbroken. He is such a character and we all miss him.”

Anyone with information on Flud’s wherabouts can call Joyce on 07980608345.