WHEN we came across this picture in the Bolton News’ files no details were included.

So we had to have a close look at it to work out where it was taken.

You will be able to see the words John Bolton, Saddler, over the door on the right but we had to go back into the late 1800s before we could find a mention of him in the Bolton Directories.

His address was given, then, as 155, Deansgate so we are assuming that this picture shows Deansgate in Bolton town centre.

On the left is another shop notice which you will not be able to read but apparently it says P Critchley who is listed as an iron and tinplate worker and his address is given as 1 Blackhorse Street, which again is in the town centre.

This would lead us to assume this junction is that of Deansgate and Blackhorse Street.

Possibly, in the background, we are looking at Bessemers steel works which stood roughly where the Ashburner Street market is sited today.

This photograph was taken around the early 1900s we believe.