IT came down to the wire - quite literally - for a team of Bolton roboteers last night.

Team Chimera were out in force for their second go in the BBC Two Robot Wars arena.

Viewers watched as Chimera2 battled it out against three other robots on the Sunday night show hosted by Dara O’Briain and Angela Scanlon with narrator Jonathan Pearce.

Sadly, in an echo of last year, they went out in the first round – pipped at the post by rivals Concussion, but not after it went down to a judges decision.

However, the team — including 18-year-old robot operator Jordan Mann, stepdad Mark Rollins-Mann, aged 42, Mark’s brother-in-law Philip Mann, aged 41, and Philip’s dad, Phil Mann, aged 63 — are pleased with their efforts.

Philip said: “We are gutted but we fought right to the end until one of our chains was broken.

“Jordan drove the robot really well.

“We managed to destroy another robot during the fight and caused £500 worth of damage to Concussion.

“We are gutted at the judges decision. Unlike last time when we knew we had no chance, this time we were really optimistic.”

The defeat has not deterred the team though and they have already signed up for next year’s competition.

Philip added: “We are conjuring something really special up!”

The band of four from Morris Green spent close to £5,000 on the steal-plated robot which moves at 15 mph and weighs 110 kilos.