THE powers that be, aided and abetted by Ofgem, Which? and the media, mistakenly believe that by forcing everyone to have a smart meter, it will reduce energy consumption and bills.

They seem to think that consumers will be constantly looking at their meters to do this. That will not happen once the initial novelty has worn off. How often do consumers look at their meters at present? Hardly ever I imagine until they get a bill and even some of them will not do it then.

The public are only interested in the cost of their bills. They can do something about it now without a smart meter by turning down heating thermostats, reducing their use of appliances and home installations which use energy, and switching supplier.

It is claimed that it will put an end to estimated bills. You do not have to pay an estimated bill now. If you receive one, all you need to do is phone the energy company with the correct reading/s from the meter/s and ask for a revised bill. It is as simple as that.

Smart Energy GB claim that the meters and their installation come at no extra cost and there won't be any additional charges on your energy bill. That is not true. The enormous cost of producing, installing and maintaining them will be incorporated in the tariffs of the energy companies and thus paid by consumers.

Ofgem was set up to protect the consumer but has regularly failed to do so.

The only ones who will benefit are the energy companies who will not have to employ meter readers. They will continue to run rings round Ofgem and are laughing all the way to the bank.

This whole saga was instigated by the EU and is another reason why we should get out.

R Swindells