A CAST of 30 will be making a big song and dance over an iconic musical.

On Monday Walmsley Church AODS will be performing Cole Porter’s High Society for the first time in the society’s history.

Norma Howcroft is directing with musical director Tom Bowes and choreographer Vicki Wilson.

She said: “There are some fantastic costumes in this production, out of this world. It’s set in 1938 so you can imagine what the costumes look like, they are absolutely brilliant!

“The company of 21 do the narration with song throughout the show, it is very much like a Greek chorus.

“They are the servants and narrate the show in song and change all of the sets and props live as the show is progressing.

“There are some lovely dance numbers and songs which everyone knows and only nine principals. It’s a small cast but a very big company.”

The comedy romance centres around a pretentious Oyster Bay socialite who is planning to wed an equally pretentious executive when her ex-husband arrives to disrupt the proceedings.

It features classic Cole Porter songs including Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”

Norma said: “It’s going to be absolutely superb. It’s a variation of High Society with lots more songs in it. There’s changing scenes, changing sets and the whole company has been involved. I’ve learned from watching professional theatre.

“You can learn a lot from watching them. It has helped us brilliantly.

“We had the set together a month ago, we are very well prepared, and the tickets are already selling well.”

Taking on the three main roles are Lindsay Farnworth as socialite Tracy Samantha Lord, Joe Davies as her executive fiancé George Kittredge and Steve Benson as her unwelcome ex C K Dexter Haven.

nThe show opens on Monday and runs until Saturday, April 29 at the Parish Hall Theatre in Egerton. For tickets call the box office on 01204 305812.