TODAY’S Looking Back photograph takes us back to November 1982.

This picture shows a group of Bolton schoolchildren who were really in the swim of things when it came to life saving.

That is because they were all awarded the Humane Society’s life saving medals for the Hundred of Salford after successfully completing a two part test.

The children, all aged 11 and 18, were pupils at school in the Bolton area and were just a few of the many pupils throughout South East Lancashire who annually competed for the awards. The name given to the area the “Hundred of Salford” dated from the days of King Alfred in the ninth century when the country was split into areas known as “hundreds”.

Here we see Director of Education and Arts, Mr Brian Hughes, with judge Mrs Marion West at the award presentation to the young people who had done so well in this special competition.

Perhaps you recognise yourself or someone you know on this photograph which was spotted in our library.