PLANS to demolish a derelict social club to build 11 homes have been backed by town councillors.

Members of Horwich Town Council's planning committee voted unanimously to support an application to build on the site of the former Horwich Central Social Club in Harrison Street.

The development would create a three-storey building 10 one-bedroom and one two-bedroom apartments in the town centre as well as a car park across the street for residents.

Cllr Kath Schofield said: "I think there is a great need for one-bedroom apartments. It's going to tidy up a very untidy space because it's a bit of a tip around there."

Cllr Steven Chadwick agreed and said: "I think we have obviously wanted to protect green spaces and something like this regenerating an urban area, I think it's something we have to accept to prevent building in other areas.

"So I would be in favour of this."

But there were some concerns raised about the parking and the access to the site during the construction.

Cllr Chris Root said: "I totally understand the development as the site is derelict and it needs to be got rid of.

"But if you look at where they want to build it and what is around it, including the garage on the corner, I think there's going to be massive access issues.

"I'm not saying that we should reject it because it's a site that needs to be developed. But it's a very narrow lane and I would prefer if they could negotiate another exit for the cars.

"I think it's going to be incredibly disruptive for everybody that lives around there."

Cllr Stephen Rock said: "The building just seems really big and I can't see where they are going to park. It's completely chock-a-block down there."

As a result of the concerns, councillors agreed to add a condition to their recommendation that the parking and access must be looked at.

This is the second application that has been submitted recently, as Bolton Council approved plans last year to demolish the club and build nine apartments consisting of four one-bedroom and five two-bedroom flats.

It is currently not clear why the apartments could not be built and why a new application has been submitted.

A planning, design and access statement submitted with the application by JWPC Chartered Planners said the homes would be "conveniently located" in the centre of Horwich.

It said: "This proposal ranks highly when applied against the criteria for new housing development, it being sustainably located, reusing a brownfield land and furthermore removing a vacant building which is currently a blot on the surrounding area.

"The proposal will provide what is essentially by its size and very nature, affordable accommodation, achievable to

those on a lower income."

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