A SCHOOL was found to follow its vision of providing a place where pupils can ‘flourish’.

Lord’s Independent School was graded ‘good’ by Ofsted inspectors, who described it as a ‘dynamic and responsive’ school.

They reported: “The principal works tirelessly to ensure that pupils are safe, well cared for and progressing well.

“All pupils make at least good progress from their different starting points.

“They attain well in a wide range of subjects, including English, mathematics, history, physics and art.”

All areas of the school were marked as good, with Ofsted stating: “The school follows its vision, ‘ to provide a place where pupils can flourish, grow in confidence and remain safe as they fulfil their potential.’”.

The school is based in Enterprise House in Chorley Old Road and provides education for young people aged seven-to-18-years-old, with fees ranging from £4,200 to £6,600 per year, but said inspectors the school provides assisted places for pupils who parents may be struggling financially.

Ofsted found that for a small school, “an unusually extensive range of subjects are offered’.

Staff told inspectors they enjoyed their work and ‘are proud’ to work there.

Inspectors stated: “The quality of teaching is good. Teachers are trained well and enjoy their work.

“They are enthusiastic about working with a wide age range of pupils and are receptive to continuous professional development.”

Parents told inspectors they thought the school was ‘excellent’.

The report stated: “Parents and carers are highly positive about the school, which they say has an ‘open door’ policy.

“All parents who spoke with the inspector had a story to tell about their children’s dissatisfaction , or problems, with their previous school.

“Without reservation, parents were of the view that Lord’s is an excellent school that serves the needs of the children exceptionally well.”

In 2015 the school won the Good Schools Guide Award for pupils’ GCSE performance in science ‘for out-performing all other English schools in its category or displaying excellent performance.”

All the sixth-formers aspire to go medical school and said Ofsted they are prepared well for future employment.

Principal Anne Ainsworth said: “We are delighted with the report, it’s what the pupils deserve.

“They work so hard and we have a brilliant staff.”

She added: “I was pleased that Ofsted had recognised that we care for the children and have individualised programmes and that one size shoe does not fit all.”

The school is exploring expanding to educate younger children.