THIEVES and vandals have been warned they are being watched if they dare target a cricket club — thanks to a generous donation from a local business.

As reported last week in The Bolton News Bradshaw Cricket Club is new covered with with a new state-of-the-art CCTV.

It was donated and installed for free by Bolton-based Automatic Alarms Ltd.

The company took the decision to invest £3,000 after hearing of the vandal attacks and break-ins at the club over recent weeks.

Managing Director Hugh Wilson said: "I have known Steve for a good number of years, he used to work for the company and his father works here.

"I have been kept informed through his father of the problems Steve has been having and his plans for the club.

"Steve works tirelessly for the club, he is always doing something for the club and always there at weekends."

He added: "We don't have a formal budget for charity donations but we do spend money on charitable and good causes and after speaking to Steve decided to go for it."

Now cameras provide coverage of the grounds and the access roads to pick up any suspicious behaviour and evidence if there is a theft or vandalism —with chairman Steve Dickinson receive notifications within seconds on his phone via a message if anyone is on the ground when it is shut to the public.

Mr Dickinson said CCTV images captured with the old cameras have led to arrests — and now areas which were not previously covered by CCTV are.

Mr Wilson, who business is in Kenyon Business Park, said: "Everything is being recorded, it is not just live images, with all cameras being viewed on one screed. You can zoom with images of one camera showing on screen and then digitally zoom in with the cameras picking up a vehicle registration number.

"It takes seconds for the notification to be sent, so the police can be contacted and now if they go to the ground they could catch them while they are still there."

Mr Wilson's company, which has been running for 35-years, specialises in intruder and fire alarms as well as camera security systems.

He said the demand from the domestic cameras is increasing.

"With technology now, you can access the cameras remotely anywhere in the world. I have heard stories when someone has been in Spain and received a notification had a look at the cameras and rang the police."