TRAVELLERS have pitched up on a playing field just a week after a group was evicted from the site.

Residents said that travellers returned to Hulton Lane playing field, in Daubhill, last night. 

The group have arrived just a week after travellers were handed a court order and evicted from the land.

Travellers had been parked up there earlier this month but following an order left the fields overnight between July 6 and 7.

Since then Bolton Council and residents have been working to clean it up but another group has now arrived.

One resident reported around 20 caravans on the fields this morning.

A number of groups of travellers have been setting up in Bolton over the past few weeks, including at sites in Farnworth and Sharples

Following the last group arriving at Hulton Lane, residents said that the fields were damaged, mounds of rubbish piled up and human excrement had been seen behind the area's changing rooms.

Cllr Darren Whitehead, who represents the area said: "The fact that this has happened in such a short period of time is indicative of the need to secure the fields long-term to prevent from happening on  a regular basis.

"I have spoken to all the relevant council officers. The procedure to remove them has already started. I am informed that there are no welfare issues relating to the travellers, which is good news as if this was the case that would impair or potentially delay the removal process."

It is not clear whether this is the same group as last week. 

Alison Heap of Vigo Avenue, said: "We have just finished cleaning up. People are upset because they have been cleaning it and the day after they have arrived again."

A council spokesman said: “We have served directions on the group. Should they not leave we will apply for a court order, and we are also liaising with Greater Manchester Police to move them on.”