JORDAN Stanworth didn’t just become a man at the age of 18 — he became an Ironman.

The teenager spent his coming of his age birthday on a gruelling 140.6 miles journey made up of a 2.4mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a marathon on Sunday as he was one of 2,345 athletes to take part in Ironman UK, held for the ninth year in Jordan’s home town.

Jordan, who lives in Smethurst Lane, Bolton said: “It is not the usual way to celebrate your 18th birthday, it is something different.

“This was my first ever Ironman because I have never been old enough. This was my first marathon as well, because you have to be 18 to enter one.

“I have watched Ironman twice here and I thought this is something I want to do.

“It happened to fall on my 18th birthday, and it was a once lifetime opportunity I thought if I don’t enter it now I may never do it.”

Living only five minutes away, Jordan, knew the bike and running course. He completed the course in 14 hours and 36 minutes.

Jordan, who is a member of Team Deane Tri Club, said: “The hardest part was the run purely because yo have to do three loops and it is the same thing over and over again and you know how far you have to go. With point to point you don’t really know where you are.

“But I had my all family and the community were out and they were all cheering and it was a good day. The reception was great, as soon as you transition there were other triathlon club who knew me and were shouting me and it was nice.

“There are highs and lows, when you are on your own you start thinking what if something happens, then when you see the crowds and they cheer it is complete different.

“It is a really good reception and you have to thank the helpers and volunteers it wouldn’t be as good as it is.

“The favourite bit was getting in the water purely because once I started I wanted to finish it and get to the end.”

He added: “It was hard to explain when you finish it was a weird sensation.

“ When you get up at 3.30am it starts then — well it starts six months ago when you start training.

“When you get there in the morning and everyone is there, there are a lot of nerves, but when you get into it, you focus.

“It will take a few days to sink in and know what I have achieved and my family are proud.”

Jordan is now taking a year out before going on to higher education to specialise in sport and wants to experience Ironman glory abroad

“Next year I want to do two half-Ironman abroad, I want to experience it abroad. I will do it again if it is my hometown, I will go out with my mates to celebrate my birthday.”

And in the coming days, Jordan is planning on celebrating his birthday in the traditional style — with his mates.

Sara Bramah became an Ironwoman after being inspired by her husband to take part. Chris Bramah, a columnist for The Bolton News, took part last year.

Mrs Bramah and her husband, who lives in Lostockn often compete in events together, but he signed up to the Ironman alone last year.

She said: “We couldn’t have done it together anyway because of the training commitments, and we have a five-years-old daughter Lyla, but I got race envy and I was so proud of him when he crossed the line and I wanted him to be as proud of me as I was of him.”

Her time was 16 hours 11 minutes and she was greeted by her family who followed her around the race course.

“I really enjoyed it, the run at the end was so hard. I have done it and have received the medal, but I couldn’t do it again because of the training. I have been getting up at 5am every day since Christmas to do my training and they start my family life. It is the training which is hard.”