A TWO-car crash caused 90-minute delays for motorists this afternoon.

A silver Ford Focus collided with a black Volkswagen Polo in Bolton Road, Bradshaw, near the turn off to Bradshaw Road at around 3pm.

Police were called to the incident at 3.20pm and blocked the road until 4.30pm when the Ford Focus – which had veered into a wall – had been removed from the road.

It’s understood that the driver of the Ford fled the scene following the collision.

Kay Hulme, a nearby resident, said she heard about the incident after being told by a taxi company that they were unable to pick her up for her booking.

Mrs Hulme, aged 55, said: "They told me that there had been an accident and they could not access my road so I walked down to have a look.

"Just as I arrived at 3.15pm, an ambulance was leaving with the silver car smashed into the wall and the black one obstructing the road.

"Someone told me when I got there that they saw one man running away after the crash.”

Another nearby resident, who preferred not be named, said that the silver car had veered into the black one as it sped down Bolton Road.