A man had to be taken to hospital after he attempted to remove a chip pan fire from his kitchen last night.

The 71-year-old resident of Thistleton Road suffered smoke inhalation when he picked up the burning pan and moved it into the garden.

A neighbour heard the smoke alarm and rushed to his aid, calling out the ambulance and fire service.

Crews from Bolton and Horwich were called to Deane at 11.15pm and treated the man, who had black smoke marks around his mouth and nose but was conscious and breathing, with oxygen.

He was then taken by ambulance to hospital for further checks.

Watch manager Karsten Boyle said the fire did not spread to the house but the kitchen was badly damaged by the smoke and oil residue which spread from the pan.

He added: “The house did have extensive smoke damage. The kitchen equipment and whole kitchen area was completely smoke damaged and there was a thick oily residue on the walls, which he inhaled as well.

“He didn’t sustain any burns but his nose and mouth were blackened by the smoke, and as a result he was taken to hospital because of all the smoke he had breathed in.

“We would like to warn people that, if they want to cook in that way, they use a deep fat fryer which has a thermostat control to prevent these kinds of fires.

“The incident also highlights how important smoke alarms are as it alerted the neighbour and prompted him to take action.”

A crew will be visiting the area again to provide safety advice for residents.