BOLTON pair Russell Brooks and Louise Leatherbarrow continued their series of tackling unusual running events by completing the Ring of Fire race in Anglesey.

They completed the 135-mile event, which takes place over three days around the Anglesey coast and has a huge drop out rate due to its extreme difficulty.

Tough challenges are nothing new to Team Deane member Russell and his partner who have undertaken tough events in Morocco, Holland, the Pyrenees and the Scottish highlands already this year, while Russell has also done an Ironman in Ireland.

Louise, of Sharples, said of their latest excursion into the lesser known running world: "Each day has time limits and we both successfully completed the three-day ultra event well within the 40-hour limit.

"It’s a mega tough three days with little sleep, lots of challenging coastline and terrain. It takes you around the whole of Anglesey through woodland, pathways, across numerous beaches, parts of which you have to navigate in the dark.

"We set ourselves a massive task but thankfully we both did it and were so happy and emotional crossing the finish line on the Sunday in a bit of pain.

"For anyone wanting to test and challenge themselves this event is perfectly organised by wonderful people, and the people of Anglesey are cheering you on all the way around. A truly unforgettable event.

"We just like to advertise the fact there are loads of great events out there and hopefully get people thinking about travelling further afield and seeing beautiful areas."