WORK will soon be completed on a £10,000 project at Royal Bolton Hospital.

Volunteers have been hard at work over the summer to create a special space where bereaved parents can go remember their babies.

The newly created memorial garden is set to be officially opened on September 23.

More than 70 volunteers have helped to create the space which will be home to memorial plaques and a specially commissioned poignant sculpture.

Andy Lee, fundraiser at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are very pleased with how it has gone, we just need to make sure it is looking its best for the official opening. Everybody has worked really hard to help create the space, with lots of volunteers coming in over the last few months.

“Lots of parents have been getting in touch to place memorial plaques but there is still a chance to get one in place before the opening later this month.”

Prior to the work, ashes of babies who do not survive are scattered in a rose garden at the hospital

Volunteers and contractors have been involved in landscaping the area, weeding, and incorporating paths and seating. The centre sculpture was chosen from artwork created by students at the University of Bolton.

Parents can apply this week for a plaque which can be placed before the opening by calling Andy on 01204 390356.

Funding for the project has come from several sources including Intercity Technologies and university walking group Inspire.