AN eight-year-old girl has made a difference to poorly youngsters in a heartfelt tribute to her aunty, who died at the age of just 37.

Millie Peacock asked to have her beautiful long hair cut so it could be donated to the Little Princess Trust, which creates wigs for children who through illness have lost their hair.

Amy Mullen died last May, after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Amy and Millie were inseparable. Millie said that she wanted to do something to make her Aunty Amy proud.

Mum Liz Peacock said: "Millie adored my sister Amy and looked up to her. The two were very close. Amy loved enjoyed taking Millie shopping. They were always giggling when they were together. In so many ways, Millie is just like my sister.

"Millie has wanted to something for a while since Amy passed away. My sister lost her hair during treatment and occasionally wore a wig so Millie said she wanted to cut her hair and give to the Little Princess Trust to help children.

"Millie loves her hair, she has been growing it for so long, so I asked if she was really sure - she was adamant that she wanted to help others."

So the youngster went for a day of pampering before having her hair cut at KW Hairdressers.

Mrs Peacock said: "Millie set herself a target of raising £200 and so far she has raised £1,400 for the Little Princess Trust.

"Now she wants to grow it again and have it cut again! The whole thing was Millie's idea. Amy's death has been incredibly tough for all the family. My sister was an amazing person and had her whole life ahead of her. She had recently trained to be a secondary school teacher and was enjoying her new career. What Millie has done is amazing - she always thinks of others."

Millie, who attends St George's CE Primary School in Westhoughton said: "I wanted to do something special for my Aunty Amy because she was so special to me. I decided that I could cut my hair and raise some money to help children who have lost their own hair. I was really excited on the day. Lily cut my hair into a bob and I really love it. I am so happy that I have raised so much money as well. I think my Aunty will be proud of me too from heaven."