ROYAL Bolton Hospital faces questions over its treatment of a patient as mystery surrounds his death in a mental health ward.

Steven Leach, who was a former British Wrestling Champion, died on August 14 last year in the Meadowbrook Unit, based on site at the Salford Royal Hospital and under the management of the Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust. 

An inquest into his death yesterday heard how the 25-year-old was transferred to its Eagleton Ward after he admitted himself for treatment to Royal Bolton Hospital a week earlier.

Bolton Coroners Court has now requested a consultant from Bolton to attend the inquest after it was revealed doctors missed a chance to assess Mr Leach before he was moved to Salford.

Coroner Alan Walsh also raised concerns over the fact his medical notes from Bolton were not transferred to the mental health ward. Speaking on the first day the inquest, Mr Walsh said he could not connect the issues with the death but it was an important matter.

He added: “As a coroner if a patient is not referred to a doctor and documentation not sent with a patient to another hospital, whether it is a mental health or medical transfer, I want it addressed.”

Mr Leach, of Netherton Grove, Farnworth, a former British Wrestling Champion during his school years, was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2010.

He was treated by hospital and community health teams but in the months leading up to his death his family feared he was using drugs. During his mental health assessments, Mr Leach sometimes admitted using cocaine.

On August 7 he admitted himself to Bolton A&E with concerns for his health. Doctors assessed him for a fast heart rate and gave him oxygen. When his condition improved they referred him for mental health support. But in the hours before he was transferred, his heart rate increased.

Dr Patrick Hogan, who carried out the last assessment, said he or another on-duty doctor should have been informed in order to check on his welfare but that did not happen.

Mr Leach was later transferred to Salford where he was observed but had no medical assessments on arrival. His medical notes from Bolton were not transferred over. He later died on the ward. A post mortem examination found no evidence of physical trauma or drugs, including alcohol and cocaine.

However, pathologist Dr Phillip Lamb explained that previous cocaine use could have a lasting affect on the heart and can result in sudden death, but could not say this was the cause of Mr Leach’s death.

The inquest is expected to be concluded today.