THESE photographs show a very familiar street right here in the town centre of Bolton.

This is Oxford Street - the largest photograph was taken in January 1972 and the smaller one below 20 years later in 1992.

In those two decades, many things had clearly changed and that ares is also very different in 2017. The first obvious difference, if you look closely, is that the steam engine in its 'glass box' was not there in 1972.

Today you can also find the statue of Bolton’s famous son Fred Dibnah situated there.

In the older picture Bolton Co-Operative Society is on the left and a furniture store called Times.

In the newer image is the Mothercare store which has long since vanished from Bolton and Pickfords Travel which is also a distant memory now.

On the left is a familiar sign for Clarks shoe shop, which is now in the Market Place having moved there from Hotel Street - and various other small shops.