RESIDENTS have the chance to vote for the Christmas lights they want to see on display in a town centre this festive season.

People living in Farnworth, Kearsley and Harper Green can choose from five different designs for displays which will be attached to street lights along Market Street and Brackley Street.

The seasonal designs include a four-star curve, a shooting star with stars and a shooting star with a tail.

Completing the options are a half arch in white and gold and a half arch in white and blue.

The old displays, which have been used for several years, had fallen into disrepair.

But rather than patch them up £7,000 of funding was allocated from the town hall coffers to replace them with new ones. There will be 30 in total.

Ward Cllr Jean Gillies said she believed it was important to give people the choice of designs.

She said: “The others had been up for donkeys years ,they did need changing and revitalising and people should have the choice as its their town and what they are going to see everyday. The switch-on is something I think is important for the kids. I hope they are going to like it, Christmas is for the kids, that’s why we do the lights.

“We have a deprived town and some of those kids get nothing at Christmas.”

A council spokesperson said: “The council is utilising money from the District Centre Improvement Fund to replace Xmas lights in Farnworth.

“Members of the area forum have been asked to vote on their choice of five different designs for the new lights and the lights will then be installed in time for Christmas.”

The council has consulted on the new decorations with its supplier Bradford Festival Lights, an organisation which creates jobs for people with disabilities.

An email asking people to choose their two favourite designs was sent out to members of the Farnworth, Kearsely and Harper Green Area Forum mailing lists, and it has also since been shared on social media.

The two most popular designs in the vote will be used to adorn the street lights and they will be ready for the November 16 switch-on.

To vote for your two favourites send an email to before 5pm on Friday.