MEET Smithills Open Farm newest arrival.

This gorgeous baby donkey was born on Saturday evening and is mum Minstrel's second baby.

The beautiful foal has had many visitors since coming into world — not least from the staff at Smithills Open Farm.

Even farm manager Carl Grimshaw, who has seen plenty of baby animals being born, can't help gushing about the little donkey.

He said: "He is just beautiful.

"We think he was born about 9pm, my dad was helping to deliver a calf on Saturday night and when he went to check on Minstrel, she had given birth.

"We thought she might have given birth on the Friday because she looked a bit uneasy and uncomfortable, but it seems as if she waited until Saturday evening when it was quiet.

"Mum and baby are doing well."

Since announcing the birth on Facebook, Smithills Open Farm has been busy with visitors.

Mr Grimshaw said: ""We were very busy on Sunday and on Monday, when we thought it would be a bit quieter, it was very busy and I think it because of him.

"There is something really special about a baby donkey, because we don't have one very often and the gestation can be a long time, 12 months and sometimes even 14 months.

"He really is the star of the farm and not just with visitors, with the staff as well. We all know where they will be when we cannot find them."

The foal is still yet to be named, and Smithills Open Farm is asking for suggestions for names on its Facebook Page.

Minstrel, who was born on the farm nine years ago, is also said to be enjoying the attention she and her baby are receiving.

The two are bonding well.