NO child gets left behind at a Bolton primary school — which has been named as one of the best in the country.

Kearsley West Primary has been placed in the top five per cent of schools nationally for the progress pupils make during their time there.

Headteacher, Lesley Cooper said: “The school is in the top five per cent of schools for reading and maths, the statutory tests taken by pupils.

“We are very proud of this achievement.

“This outstanding progress made by children is significantly above the national average. This is a result of a team effort from our staff, parents’ support and the hard work by pupils.

“The teaching staff work so hard, I have been here five years and in those years the results just get better and better.”

She added: “The progress measure is important because not every child starts school at the same point and this about every child making the best possible progress and every individual pupil achieving their potential.

“Every single child had to make good progress to for the school to achieve this level.”

The progress measures how far children have come from starting school to finishing school — and is a strong Government tool to judge schools.

Kearsley West Primary School’s — which is described as a good school with outstanding features — achievement is based on the summer Key Stage Two national curriculum tests taken by year six pupils, who have now left.

Ofsted reported: “Adults provide good support to help to meet each child’s individual needs.”

Mrs Cooper says the school has a wide range of initiatives to ensure children do not fall behind, including intervention sessions, booster lessons and break-out groups for more personalised learning — and most importantly, ensuring children develop a love of learning.

She said: “Lessons have to be fun and the quality of teaching ensures that learning is fun.

“For example, one class was reading a book with a camp fire in, so pupils made a mock camp fire with sticks in the classroom and used a lamp as the light. They sat round it and got into character.

“We always try to put the wow factor into lessons.”