LAST week’s picture proved a bit more difficult than recent weeks for many of our readers.

We had several wrong answers but understandably so as it was not an easy one as we wanted to test you.

In fact just one person got the answer right and that was Alan Hurst who correctly identified New Church Road in Halliwell.

Clearly there have been similar houses built in Bolton over the years including in Plodder Lane, Markland Hill and in Deane Road as many people suggested the picture was taken in those locations.

So what about this week’s picture?

Do you know where this was taken?

It is in the centre of a town that many of you will be very familiar with.

It has changed very little over the years and looks very similar today.

Contact Gayle McBain on 01204 537269 or email with the answer and we will include as many readers with the correct answers, as possible, in next week’s Looking Back.