BUSINESSWOMAN Michaela Wain painted her way to victory as she managed to survive another week working for Lord Sugar.

In the second episode of The Apprentice, the construction business owner from Heaton was part of the winning team for the second week running.

The girls team came out top during the task which saw them creating designs and decorating a bedroom in a five star hotel.

Michaela, aged 33, was on the sub-team and was tasked with buying furniture to kit out the room.

During a phone call with project manager, Bushra Shaikh, Michaela said: “We’re not idiots! What we want to know is what colour and what furniture we want to get!”

Miss Wain managed to haggle the price of the furniture, to fit their £5000 budget.

She told the saleswoman: “You know it is going somewhere super upmarket.

“Do me a solid, and do it for 5000.”

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During the second part of the task, Michaela spent most of her time painting with sub-team leader Sarah-Jayne Clark and florist owner Elizabeth McKenna.

The self-confessed bulldog admits that during the task, she struggled to work within the sub-team.

The Bolton News:

“I found this task really difficult, particularly working with Elizabeth.

“We did have a set-to because Elizabeth was just so bossy!”

During the episode, which aired on BBC1 last night, business analyst Jeff Wan was the second hopeful apprentice to be fired by Lord Sugar.

Jeff accused his competitors of ganging up on him on BBC2's You're Fired.