A TOWN centre street will not be depedestrianised residents have been reassured.

Council chiefs have approved a one-way traffic system order on Brackley Street in Farnworth town centre.

Some residents have voiced fears that businesses could be hit and pedestrians inconvenienced or even put in danger.

The move will allow shop deliveries to be made more easily but there will be no change to the ban on drivers between 10.30am and 4.30pm.

Farnworth ward councillor Jean Gillies has been contacted by residents worried about the street being depedestrianised.

But she stresses this is not the case, but the council is taking action to improve the area as developer St Modwen is still to make a start on regenerating the area.

Cllr Gillies said: “Nobody is depedestrianising Brackley Street.

“We’ve been hanging on and hanging on for ever and a day to repave it in line with St Modwen but they are not doing anything. We can’t wait for ever so decided to get on with it.”

Cllr Gillies added that the new system would ease problems for delivery drivers and businesses.

She said: “What we’ve had is issues with lorries coming up and trying to turn around and come back around again, which is causing all sorts of problems.”

And Cllr Gilles insisted that there was ‘categorically’ no prospect of Brackley Street being depedestrianised in future.

She added: “There’s no long-term plans to ever depedestrianise it – it would be dangerous and I would be totally opposed to, it would be a stupid idea.”

And Cllr Gillies hit out at St Modwen for its failure to begin regeneration work since they were granted planning permission nearly three years ago.

She said: “It’s a massive disappointment, I’m just absolutely disgusted with them and the lack of communication and the lack of commitment.

“They came to the area forum and sold their fantastic plans to the public. They had a whole week’s consultation with the public and had all these grand plans, but they’ve not come to fruition.”

A spokesperson for St. Modwen said: “St. Modwen continues to meet regularly with the partners involved to review the development of Farnworth and we remain committed to the town.”