WHAT brings together tap dancing, jazz and Shakespearian love?

The answer can be found in a rare revival of a famous musical coming to a Bolton stage next week.

Walmsley Church Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society is puckering up for the all sing, all dancing Kiss Me Kate.

Combine Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew with Cole Porter music and lyrics, the society are the first to bring the revival version to the town.

The play-within-a-play was originally produced in 1948 and has been considered one of Broadway’s treasures. It was revived in 1999, taking advantage of new technology in music and keeping in mind evolving social values.

Directing the Egerton production is Nora Howcroft. She said: "It's fantastic. Everyone is so excited because we are the first to do the revised version.

"I few years ago my late husband Donny and I saw the revised edition with the Royal Welsh Opera. We both said if we could do any production it would be this version, it's stunning.

"We are having great fun doing it. It all takes place virtually in one afternoon backstage and during a production of Taming of the Shrew.

"We've got the whole company tap dancing, there are some fantastic numbers. The musical arrangements are just stunning, it's totally different from what the original was.

"You have got to do things like this to make shows brighter and more appealing so people will be encouraged to come along and see it. We also have big band and the sound of the live orchestra all helps along with some very nice costumes.

"It's all systems go with a fantastic cast and we just hope people will come along and enjoy it!"

In the newer version all seventeen of the original songs – including the likes of Too Darn Hot and Always True to You – are present with a revised score, along with the song From This Moment On from the 1953 film version.

The story also features a change of character with Texan farmer Harrison Howell now a General with political ambitions.

Starring Steve Benson, Adrienne Wormald, David Reeves, Catherine Wooldridge, Tristan Nixon, Mike Taylor and David Wilson, it has been choreographed by Vicki Wilson with musical director Tim Power.

It will run from Monday to November 4 at the Parish Hall Theatre from 7.30pm. To book tickets call the box office manager on 01204 305812