OFFICERS patrolled Bolton’s transport interchange as part of its crackdown on anti-social behaviour.

Yesterday morning, the Greater Manchester Travelsafe Unit was on the ground as part of a fortnight long crackdown on our public transport system.

They came from their base at GMP’s HQ in Ashton on the tram to Bury before hopping on the bus to the interchange.

This was so they had as much visibility as possible on the transport network in the area as well as inside the interchange.

Uniform and covert officers are carrying out patrols around Greater Manchester across the two weeks to help people feel safer while they travel.

While at the interchange the officers spoke to a group of youths who had gathered outside the entrance who quickly moved on without causing any trouble.

Martin Smith, Travelsafe’s team leader, said: “We are here making sure everything is alright. It is mostly the anti-social behaviour we are in Bolton for.

“Large groups of youths can be intimidating for some people and we do get things like windows being put in.”