A TEAM which is helping to prevent the risk of death and illness amongst prematurely-born twins has been recognised for its work.

The team from Bolton NHS Foundation Trust collected the Research Team of the Year in the Greater Manchester Clinical Research Awards.

Based in the maternity department, the team won for its work recruiting patients to the STOPPIT-2 trial, which aims to prevent premature births in woman who have a short cervix and are expecting twins.

Consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology for Bolton, John Tomlinson said: "I am delighted that the team has won this award for its contribution to the national STOPPIT-2 trial.

"Preterm birth is common in twin pregnancy and is increasing. It is associated with significant risk of death or health problems for babies.

"We are hoping that participation in the trial will have a direct positive outcome for our mothers and babies.

"The outcomes at Bolton so far are proving positive, and we look forward to the end of trial results with anticipation."

So far the trust has screened 63 and chosen eight women for the trial – making Bolton the highest recruiting site in the North West, and in the top five sites in the UK.

The trial is currently ongoing and will continue to offer women who are pregnant with twins the opportunity to take part.

Trust research and development manager, Alison Loftus added: "We are a research-friendly trust, recruiting nearly double our target of patients into research in the last year.

"Research allows our patients to get involved in shaping their own healthcare, and we actively take opportunities to promote where our patients can get involved."