In praise of a person with amazing grace

Norma and I were married on August 22, 1964, so 53 years ago.

She was born in Bolton (nee Williamson) on July 10, 1939 and died on October 20, 2017 comforted by Father Jim who administered the last rites in the afternoon before her death.

A loving Mum to Lisa and Paul and a caring Grandma Joel, Georgia, George and Ben.

Memories they have will be treasured and never forgotten. Norma was truly a remarkable woman, her compassionate persona and steely determination never gave way.

During her period of suffering she fought on a minute by minute basis to carry out as normal family life as possible.

Even towards the end working part-time at her beloved Matalan up until last March and finishing her last Zumba class at Bramhall High in late September at aged 78. She was also an avid reader being a lifelong supporter of Bramhall library, as well as treasurer at the ladies' group based at United Reformed Church.

Totally unselfish, unbelievably brave, a personification of the Christian ethic and acknowledged as such by those professionals and students who attended her. She fully shared the suffering of Christ.

Even such a spirit however could not endure indefinitely and she died within hours of being sung to sleep by Father Jim surround at her hospital bedside by her immediate family.

Norma was indeed an amazing grace, a true English woman.

In the spirit that the Catholic Church teaches us that reunification is the true redemption.

I long to join her and I know that I will be guided by her prayers as will our adult children, Lisa and Paul.

Chris Murray