WE know how much you enjoy seeing Bolton town centre photographs from the past.

When we discovered this picture in our library we thought it would be perfect to show you.

Here we see Newport Street back in 1964.

The most obvious difference between Newport Street then and today is that traffic was flowing along the street.

This is before pedestrianisation and as we can see there is certainly a great deal of traffic going through the town centre.

It does make you wonder where on earth all these cars and vans and buses were going or coming from.

Some would be delivery vans but others were, perhaps, simply shoppers who had parked up in the centre to do their shopping and were then heading home.

Newport Street is still a busy street today but filled with pedestrians rather than vehicles.

Some of the shops we can see will be remembered by many of you.

There is a little shop on the right we would love to know more about.

It is obviously a baby wear and accessories shop called Babyfair but does anyone remember it?

What about Schofields — what did that sell?

We know many of you have fond memories of working in Bolton town centre and we would love to feature your memories in a future edition of Looking Back.

Today people are just as likely to head out of town to do their shopping, or even shop on line, as they are to head into the town centre.

In the 1960s there was not the alternatives and the town centre was always very busy.

What strikes us is the number of small businesses that were in existence.

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