A DOCTOR Who fanatic has helped exterminate a world record.

Jason Lythgoe-Hay, a Bolton model maker, took his replica of a Dalek to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester yesterday.

He was one of 68 fans who turned up for a special Dr Who event where the aim was to beat the record for the largest gathering of Daleks, which previously stood at 50. They either brought along Daleks they had made or dressed up as the evil creatures.

Jason, aged 33, from Deane, said the day was a massive success - and was even lucky enough to meet the creator of the terrifying nemeses of Doctor Who, Raymond Cusick.

Jason said: "It was a fantastic day. I'm so pleased I was part of the world record attempt. And it was such an honour to meet Raymond because he's my childhood hero."

The event is part of the museum's Doctor Who Up Close exhibition, which has been running since March and has attracted more than 100,000 visitors.

Graphic artist Jason built his Dalek from scratch, but handed the honour of sitting in the sinister metal villain to friend Kyriacos Zannetou, aged 34, from Heywood, who keeps the Dalek at his house.