Motorists were today warned by the RAC Foundation to avoid the "seven deadly sins" of driving.

The sins the foundation has identified include eating at the wheel, becoming a traffic-light hopping "amber gambler" and drinking and driving.

"Christmas and the New Year offer the perfect opportunity for drivers to confess last year's failings and resolve to do better," said the foundation's acting director Sheila Rainger.

These are the foundation's seven deadly sins:

  • The need for speed: 71 per cent of motorists are worried about drivers' lust for speed.
  • Rage against the machine: 61 per cent of drivers are very concerned about incurring the wrath of aggressive drivers on the road.
  • Eyes bigger than the steering wheel: Gluttonous behaviour has moved from the dinner table to the steering wheel. Eating at the wheel is illegal if it distracts your attention from driving.
  • Wanting it all - without stopping: Gadget-mania feeds this greedy "want it now - can't wait" sinful driving style which includes using a hands-held mobile and even texting while driving.
  • I'll check the tyres - tomorrow: Slothful attitudes to basic car maintenance cause unnecessary breakdowns.
  • Amber gamblers and belligerent bargers: Festive activity leaves road users jostling for space on crowded roads, bringing out the green-eyed monster in those desperate to get through the traffic lights or get the last space in the car park.
  • One for the road offenders: Pride in one's drinking prowess and "life and soul of the party" status makes for a deadly concoction behind the wheel.