SPECIALIST teachers are to be drafted into Bolton to raised standards among ethnic minority pupils.

Bolton is testing the Government’s Gifted and Talented Black Pupils Achievement programme, which will start in the new term.

The move follows the publication of figures which show that black pupils are falling behind their white and Asian counterparts in primary and secondary schools in the town.

Recent figures from the Department for Children, Schools and Families showed that only 24.2 per cent of black children gained five or more A* to C GCSEs including English and maths — compared to 46.4 per cent of Asian and 44.4 per cent of white pupils.

According to figures based on Key Stage One tests taken by children at the age of seven, the worst performing group is black children.

Under the new pilot programme, Bolton’s education authority will receive help from specialist workers to understand why certain groups do not do as well as other pupils.

They will work with the council to develop ways of working with black children to raise attainment levels.

If successful, the programme could be put carried out across the country.