Lanterns shed light on UFO mystery

8 April 09 / Joanne Rowe, Reporter /


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PARTYGOERS sparked a UFO mystery over Bolton.

Dozens of people reported seeing strange lights in the sky near Bolton following an article in The Bolton News on Monday when baker Clive Dolan told how he had seen glowing lights appear over Rivington.

But Marjorie McCabe, who organised a 65th birthday party for her husband Terence at their Westhoughton home has shone light on the mystery.

She was planning to round off celebrations at the party with fireworks, but after searching the internet decided to mark the occasion with Chinese paper sky lanterns instead.

The floating paper lanterns are lit and then let go into the sky at celebrations.

They can remain lit for up to 20 minutes and travel as far as 15 miles. They are becoming increasingly popular at events.

“We had six of them and let them off in the garden,” said Mrs McCabe. “They were lovely and had a nice, gentle orange glow.”

Hilary Porter, of the British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society says people shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss lights in the sky as chinese lanterns.

“UFO activity is not going away. It is increasing steadily,” she said.