BOLTON’S top police officers have been recognised for their work above and beyond the call of duty.

The annual Divisional Commander’s and Be Safe Partnership Awards were held yesterday.

At a ceremony at Bolton Town Hall, outstanding achievement, dedication and bravery were applauded. Among the officers recognised was: l A super cop who arrested 122 criminals in less than a year.

l A Police Community Support Officer who stamped out anti-social behaviour on a problem estate.

l A forensic scientist whose tireless lab work helped jail a violent rapist who attacked a pensioner.

Also commended was a PC who tracked down a hoax 999 caller, a sergeant who has had unprecedented success in rehabilitating prolific offenders and the officers who brought eBay fraudster Jason Hart to justice.

Superintendent Dave Flitcroft, who hosted the awards, was also surprised with a lifetime achievement award for his outstanding service to the force over the past 30 years.

Bolton Council staff and members of the public were also given awards by council chief executive Sean Harriss and Bolton Chief Superintendent Steve Hartley presented the awards.

Ch Supt Hartley said: “I am delighted to recognise the commitment and enthusiasm of my officers, staff of the local authority and members of the public who have all contributed to making Bolton a safer place.”

Mr Harriss added: “I am delighted to be part of an awards ceremony that recognises the work of the police, council staff and members of the public who have all played their part in reducing crime in Bolton.”

FORENSIC scientist Jane Taupin worked tirelessly on an horrific rape case to bring a violent offender to justice.
Her painstaking work in the laboratory helped put Damion Lang behind bars for life.
In 2008, the 22-year-old imprisoned an elderly woman in her own home and subjected her to numerous sexual assaults.
He also attacked her with a knife and stole her wedding ring.
Crime scene investigators found DNA samples at the woman’s home in Johnson Fold. The samples were sent to the lab where Mrs Taupin worked diligently to find a match.

AFTER six years in the force, PC Nigel Drinkwater was transferred to Bolton Central Police Station as his supervisor did not believe he was reaching his full potential. In the following 11 months he made 122 arrests —one of the highest arrest rates in the division.
He was yesterday commended for his “exemplary” work and for always taking on extra responsibility.
PC Drinkwater also contributes to the police by developing younger officers in his role as a tutor constable.
He also works on sexual assault and domestic violence cases.

PC Christian Worthington and another police officer were commended after their heroics prevented a young woman from jumping to her death.
In the early hours of Sunday, August 10, 2008, the officers responded to a 999 call at the Crompton Way bridge over the River Tonge. A young woman was threatening to take her own life by jumping from the bridge.
The officers tried to talk her down, but the woman did not respond. Fearing she was about to jump, the officers acted quickly and grabbed hold of the woman and brought her down from the wall on to the safe side of the bridge.

IAN Deary was commended for bringing a hoax caller to justice.
David Mason, made 13 calls to emergency services over four months in 2006 and 2007.
PC Deary investigated the calls and discovered the offender had used several mobile telephones and had given numerous alias names using details of residents in the local area.
After carrying out a detailed analysis of the incidents he eventually identified the hoaxer.
Mason, of Tonge Moor, was jailed in 2008 for four years.

FRAUDSTER Jason Hart conned thousands of pounds out of unsuspecting internet shoppers across the world.
He was finally put behind bars by two PCs from Bolton.
In 2007, PC John Smith was contacted by an officer from Cumbria after concerns had been raised by one of Hart’s customers who bought rugby tickets but did not receive them.
A fraud investigation was launched involving PC Smith and PC Elaine Smith. The officers compiled a thorough prosecution file for Hart’s trial, filling five boxes with evidence and witness statements.

POLICE Community Support Officer Mark Flannery has done much to tackle anti-social behaviour on a troubled estate.
He was the driving force behind an action plan for the Hall I’th’ Wood housing estate, encouraging residents to tell the authorities how they wanted the estate to be policed.
PCSO Flannery also provided evidence for ASBOs against the most prolific offenders on the estate, leading to a 67 per cent reduction in criminal damage, a 66 per cent reduction in burglary and an 89 per cent reduction in thefts from cars.

NEIGHBOURHOOD officers and council staff were commended for collecting evidence against a problem family who blighted the lives of residents in Breightmet.
PCSO John Gallagher, Sgt Martin Lally, PCSO Danny Worthington and Community Safety Officer, Richard White, targeted Susan Arnold and her family. They gathered information over an 18-month period against the family, who were eventually evicted from their home. Bolton at Home listed a raft of complaints, including threats, harassment and intimidation, committing criminal damage, racist abuse and drug taking.

SERGEANT Kevin Lister has spearheaded Bolton Police’s revolutionary approach to keeping prolific criminals on the straight and narrow. The Jigsaw project targets offenders who commit the most crime.
The scheme has gone from managing 64 offenders in May, 2006 to more than 100 today.
Sgt Lister’s hard work and dedication has played a key part in Bolton Police receiving the Beacon award for offender management. He was awarded the Matt Dyson Trophy, presented to an officer from the Bolton division who has shown significant dedication to duty.

AWARDS host Superintendent Dave Flitcroft said he was “surprised and delighted” when he was handed a lifetime achievement award.
Supt Flitcroft has served in the police force for 30 years and is due to retire in two months.
He was born and bred in the town and joined Bolton Police in 1998 and is currently the head of community safety.
Supt Flitcroft said: “I’m Bolton born and bred and it is fantastic to be working in my home town at the end of my service.
It was with great pride that I received the lifetime achievement award. I was surprised and delighted.”

SAMINA Khan has only been with Bolton Police’s offender management unit a matter of months — but she has already been commended for her work. The Information Sharing Officer has established herself as a crucial member of the team, helping officers to reduce crime in their neighbourhoods.
Samina goes the extra mile in every case she deals with and has unearthed wanted offenders and known perverts who were trying to infiltrate communities.
The Be Safe Strategic Partnership Award was given to Samina in recognition of her dedication.

JIM Miller dedicates his life to helping people with drug and alcohol problems.
Over the last two years, he has overseen massive changes to the way people in the town are given assistance.
This overhaul of services has placed additional demands on Mr Miller as the manager of services in Bolton.
But he has pushed forward improvements with energy and enthusiasm, providing leadership to the workforce he manages.
He was yesterday commended for his professionalism and dedication.

PHILIP Cropper works with problem drug users who are homeless.
He works with hostels and helps the homeless access essential council services such as finding accommodation.
He ensures the people he works with can access treatment services and start to address drug, alcohol and mental health problems. He challenges negative attitudes against the homeless and he never gives up on anybody.
Philip was yesterday commended for his dedication, positive attitude and commitment to the people he works with.