A NEW fishery has opened at a site which has not been used for 70 years.

Michael Leigh, aged 28, bought Moorgate Quarry, off Chorley Old Road in Horwich, at an auction.

He has now transformed the site into Cliff Edge Fisheries.

The site used to be used for fishing, but it closed in 1941 after the number of people involved in the club dwindled and it closed.

Now, Mr Leigh wants it to become a community attraction, and plans to build a log cabin at the site.

Fishing courses will be offered for people of all ages and he wants to get young people involved.

Mr Leigh, from Horwich, said: “I want to make it a success, but not just to make money.

“I want to get the sport out there and introduce it to young people.

“A lot associate it with older people, but it would be great to give the young people in Horwich something to do and get them off the streets.”

Night fishing will be offered to catch bigger carp, as well as daytime activities.

Mr Leigh decided to buy the site when he saw it was being auctioned and realised it had potential.

The fishing instructor used to work in a bait and tackle shop and has been involved in fishing from a young age.

He added: “I started when I was young and went with my dad. I stopped in my early teens but was reintroduced to it at the age of 17 and I have never looked back.

“I am hoping it will be able to be used for educational purposes too and get school trips to come here.”