A SHOPPER has been banned from a supermarket after he became angry because his haircut went wrong.

Nigel Eynon, aged 42, of Chorley New Road, Horwich, left the Regis hair salon with a half-groomed head — because the firm did not have the right clippers.

The salon opened inside the Tesco Extra branch in Horwich last year. Mr Enyon was banned from the supermarket after arguing with staff.

The construction firm owner had asked for a number six haircut, but the stylist told him he only had a number four guard.

He agreed, but after doing his back and sides, the stylist said he did not have a number four after all.

Mr Enyon said: “I got annoyed, and yes I started shouting, but I told him you don’t start someone’s hair until you’ve got everything you need.

“I pulled the cloak off and threw it on the floor.

“Someone walked off to get security to escort me out, but I told him not to panic, I was leaving anyway.

“They threw me out for getting annoyed. Who wouldn’t though?”

Mr Eynon added: “I didn’t shout at full volume and I didn’t swear at any of them.

“But what was I supposed to do?”

Mr Enyon had to ask a friend’s partner, who owns a salon, to come and rescue his half-cut hair.

Tricia Sillery, of Regis, confirmed that the correct equipment was not available but said staff had apologised to Mr Enyon at the time.

She said: “We were, however, in a position to successfully complete the cut using the more skilled technique of scissors- over-comb, an expertise that would have achieved exactly the same results.

“Mr Eynon refused this option, indicating that he did not want the stylist to finish the appointment.”

A Tesco spokesman said: “Tesco does not take the decision to ban a customer lightly.

“However, we will not tolerate intimidating or threatening behaviour on our premises.”