TWO girls, aged just seven and 11, were raped by a young schoolboy in Westhoughton, a court heard.

An investigation was launched after the younger girl complained about the boy’s behaviour in March last year.

She told Liverpool Crown Court yesterday how the boy, now aged 12, had bragged about sexual activity with the other girl.

Rachel White, prosecuting, said that on March 7 last year, the seven-year-old girl was playing with others, including the boy.

The others drifted off and the boy invited her into his den.

He had her ball and said he would not give it back unless she performed a sex act on him and, the court heard, he made her do so.

The court was told he then moved her into some nearby bushes, where he raped her and again sexually assaulted her, Ms White said.

Ms White said the boy told the girl she was “sexy” and claimed that the other girl had performed a sex act on him 10 times.

She went home and asked her mother what “sexy” meant. The mum then heard the full story and called the police.

During the investigation, the other girl made allegations of rape and sexual assault, said to have happened while playing hide and seek, the court heard.

The boy claimed both girls had made up the allegations. He has pleaded not guilty to three counts of rape, two counts of sexual assault and one count of attempted rape.

The trial continues.