A CONMAN who swindled more than £20,000 from unsuspecting business partners has been ordered to pay back his ill-gotten gains.

Andrew Clough convinced his victims to take out expensive leases on Mercedes cars for his chauffeur company.

While he stole £8,600, the victims were tied to the leases and lost more money.

Clough also pretended to be interested in buying a property in order to con money for legal fees from a woman selling the house.

Bolton Crown Court heard that Clough aged 26, of Newgate Drive, Little Hulton, was a gambling addict and went to casinos where he lost more than £70,000. He made £79,490 from his crimes.

The court was told he had £8,600 available and he was ordered to pay that sum back within six months or be jailed for five months and still owe the money. That cash will be given to his victims.

In July last year Clough was jailed for 16 months.

At that hearing the court was told had a gambling addiction after being introduced to betting by his mother when he was just five years old.

Clough persuaded James Morris to give him £2,000 towards a cut-price house deal with the promise of a healthy profit.

He also told Mr Morris he had a new chauffeur business and took him to a Mercedes dealership, persuading him to lease a car, promising him a share of the profits.

He was left £13,846 out of pocket.

Andrew Wakefield was conned with the same trick and ended up losing £5,900.

His final victim, Christine Pratt, wanted to sell her house and gave him £900 to cover legal fees.