A SPEEDING driver, who was late for work , has been jailed for killing a grandfather in a car crash.

Faizal Umarji, aged 25, was rushing to get to work when his car smashed into Fred Hodgkinson’s car in Halliwell Road, Bolton, on January 29 last year.

Mr Hodgkinson, aged 68, from Halliwell, suffered a cardiac arrest at the scene and was pronounced dead just before 10am, an hour after the collision.

He also suffered pelvic, chest and abdominal injuries.

Umarji was yesterday jailed for four years at Bolton Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving.

Umarji was driving towards Horwich from his home in Grierson Street, Halliwell, on his way to work when he crashed into Mr Hodgkinson at around 50mph.

Mr Hodgkinson was indicating to turn right out of a parking space to travel towards Harvey Street after calling at a newsagents, when the two Vauxhall Astras collided.

The victim's car was knocked 36 metres and Umarji's car travelled 19-and-a-half metres, ploughing into a parked Ford Focus and Seat Ibiza.

Andrew Nuttall, prosecuting, said Umarji told a firefighter at the scene that he was driving too fast because he was late for work.

Widow Eileen Hodgkinson said since her husband's death she had often wanted to “give up”.

In a statement to the court, she said: “I feel my life is over. I find it hard to get up in the morning and struggle to eat. The trauma is horrendous.”

She wants to move house so she does not have to pass the scene of the accident and has changed her phone number because she feels unable to speak to people.

Mr Hodgkinson was a retired employee of Tom Ashton's Garage in Crompton Way, and had two children and grandchildren. Peter Turner, defending, said Umarji had suffered post-traumatic stress disorder since the crash.

He said the defendant believes he has committed a huge sin and described himself as being “in hell”.

Umarji wanted to help his victim at the scene and showed immediate concern.

Judge Timothy Clayson, sentencing, said: “You were late for work, which is the reason for your excessive speed.

He added: “No sentence the court can impose can make up for the loss.”

Umarji was also banned from driving for four years. The defendant was shaking throughout the hearing and was helped to walk to the cells by security.