A STONEMASON is offering a £200 reward in return for his stolen toolkit so he can go back to work .

David Duffy, aged 44, had £1,500 to £2,000 of tools stolen from his car on Ainsworth Street, Halliwell , on Wednesday night.

Mr Duffy, a subcontractor for Bolton Stone Restoration, said he cannot work without his kit.

He said: “I am very upset about this because I’m losing money by not going to work. I thought if I put a reward up for it, it might trigger someone’s conscience and they might return. About £200 is as much as I can spare, but I thought if I act now I might get it back sooner.”

The tools also included a Stihl saw, a five inch grinder, a nine inch grinder, two Makita cordless drills and a Hilti drill.

Mr Duffy specialises in restoring old historic buildings and was meant to be working at Queen’s Park this week.

Anyone with information about the kit can contact Mr Duffy on 07946872480.