IT is double the trouble at this play group.

Birtenshaw Village Hall Parent, Baby and Toddler group boasts SIX sets of twins.

There was already one pair of twins attending the Bromley Cross play sessions, but the youngsters were joined by five more sets in June.

The group was started by Marion McClarnon in March.

Emma Hallows, aged 34, of Harwood , said: “We all started meeting up when we were pregnant and became really good friends. The five of us have been a really good support to each other before and after the births.

“We gave Marion a ring and asked if she minded us gatecrashing her parent and toddler group and she welcomed us with open arms.

“Marion told us there were already two other sets of twins attending the group which took it up to seven. It’s a bit full-on when we go but we love it. If you’re not feeding you’re own twins, you normally end up feeding someone else’s. It’s brilliant.” Mrs McClarnon now helps to entertain almost 50 babies and children every Tuesday. The 76-year-old, from Harwood, who has more than 10 years experience working with children, said: “There are no cliques here and everyone gets on with everyone. It’s a like a big happy family. I love all of those babies and it takes a lot of hard work to look after them but it’s worth it.

“Every week, first we all play together, then the mums and toddlers make something together. Then we have something to drink and a sing song. We have a duck called Quackers who the little ones love. They’re so beautiful and nothing is too much trouble for them. Everybody loves everybody here.”

Emma Hallows, mum of Yasmin and Madison, aged three months, and Katie Hodgkinson, mum of Ava and Daniel, aged four months, are both from Harwood.

Claire Hextall, mum of Lilian and Eddie, aged four months, is from Aspull. Emma Lyne, mum of Annie and Eva aged five months, is from Belmont, and Emma Worsley, mum of Jacob and Gabriel aged four months, is from Smithills . The sixth set of twins, Lucy and Ava, aged 18 months, attend the playgroup with their grandmother, Sharon Cotgrave.